Effective Efficiency
A system to manage your business & everything around it.
  • You feel scattered across a ton of different tools and tech
  • Things often feel like they’re falling through the cracks
  • Your Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote or local files are a mess
  • You waste a ton of time trying to remember where you’ve saved your files
  • You feel overwhelmed, like you can’t keep up with your obligations
  • You don’t have a consistent system for saving files, or tracking your tasks
  • You don’t have standard documentation or templates
  • You make lists of goals and ideas at the beginning of the year… that you never revisit again
Any of these sound familiar?

Notion STR Startup Guide
  • Comprehensive List of STR Softwares 
  • Messaging Templates
  • Cleaning Checklists 
  • House Manual Template
  • Furniture Tracker
  • Property Organizer
What is Notion?
Well, you might first wonder, what is Notion?

Notion is an All-in-one workspace. 

Built to empower every team And connect the whole company.

  • Team wiki - Turn your tribal knowledge into easy-to-find answers.
  • Projects & tasks - Kanban boards, tables, lists, and more. Customize any workflow.
  • Notes & docs - Systems that keep notes organized. Add any type of content.

Here is a link to Notion.so* to check them out first before you purchase this template.

Notion has a FREE version.
We've really gotten into the digital age...

... And it can only benefit us to embrace and take advantage of the best tools available.

The amount of data that we can consume is unreal. So how to we manage all of those resources, documents, tutorials, pdfs, action items, vision-thinking, etc. In case you have not noticed, our brains can not possibly retain all of it, because that''s not what it was meant for. It was meant to think creatively and solve problems... you just need a place to access the information you need, when you need it.

Today, that might look like different tools based on the type of document, or the project it may belong to. Imagine looking for your keys all over the house, but now its digital... 
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Notion for Real Estate Investors
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Notion STR Start Up Guide
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